Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tombs of Ashes

All civilizations forget overtime. They forget their roots, their histories, not as much by neglect but simply through embellishment or a lose of a few words here and there, a few descriptions, until the memory of what they were is more a myth than fact, and what they are right now is all that matters.

Still though, there are always ancient tombs that have recorded the progress of man... and other creatures. Massive in size, they are so old that if touched by any except the most trained of hands, they would fall apart like ash in the wind. These tombs have guardians, their knowledge a vast pool, they record what has been and some can even record what will be...

Hey all, it's been awhile, got a new job so I've been pretty busy getting my ass comfortable with it. This piece has been sitting on my comp for awhile, I finished it for 3dtotal a few months back, and figured it's about time to post this relic ;P



  1. Love it. Little character on the staff is a nice touch too.

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